Thanks for your interest in Circlecolour. Are you a makeup guru or a beauty blogger who is passionate about art, fashion, beauty and makeup? If yes, we want you!!!

Our Requirement

  • You have public social media accounts with certain number of followers
  • You produced high resolution photos/ videos
  • You have Paypal account (optional)

We would really appreciate if you can provide more information about you to help us make decision faster!

  • Your social media usernames for us to find you
  • Links of the reviews that you have done previously
  • The country/countries the majority of your audiences come from
  • Products you are interested in or send us your proposal

Our Rewards

One product for review at 1st time, if the review is good (at your honest review) and done promptly, we will invite you again and send three products per month to you for review after that.

There would be rewards if the review were done on time for consecutive three months (except valid reason). And you will be qualified for sponsorship of giveaway.

We love videos!!!!  We give extra rewards for videos! If the video hit 5,000 views within a month, we will provide fabulous prizes!

Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to reject any reviews which we deemed with low quality photos/ videos.

We have limited seats per month and invitation will be sent to those invited bloggers only.

​Hurry up! Contact us now by writing an email to circlecolour@outlook.com or DM us on Instagram @Circlecolourcom Enjoy!